Building A BAD ASS Firewood Shed SHED p1

Part 2 I begin to build a firewood shed from logs I gathered from the woods. It will be able to hold up to six cords of seasoned firewood once complete.
I built this using mostly free logs from the mountains, up cycled dimensional wood I had from an old project I took apart & some other material I had laying around. I did however purchase the new metal roofing & the rain gutter pieced that was installed on the back side. In all this project was less then $200, took about 40 hours to complete & came out very ridged . I did this a few years ago & since then its been through many hi-wind storms & had a good snow load sitting on the roof top.
This was my first attempt at using the chainsaw for sculpting material & carving out the header logs, it was a fun experience , so glad I chose the 441 m-tronic, that saw is a monster.
This is part 1 of a 3 part series. Hope its worth your time…….

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