building a costco shed kit

aka making a place for my father in-law to live.
sorry about the bad exposure settings on my camera about half way through, but what do you expect, i’d been drinking. Those black dots in the sky every once in a while are bird, planes and an occasional black helicopter… not UFO’s. I know, I checked. Anyway, this shed was built following the instructions completely and minimal tools (hammer, drill/driver, tape measure, ladders, clamps, guiness, saw). I even used the fasteners the kit came with. Although in retrospect I could have cut construction time in half if I would have used my pneumatic tools. Yes, I saved some $$$ building it myself but spent about 3 or 4 days not including the slab I poured for the floor. You also have to buy your own roofing materials and paint. Some of the 2x4s were so warped I had to find replacements, but I turned the scraps into sawhorses. Check out my 5 minute sawhorse to see that one getting made. aka table for father in law

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