How To Build And Organize A Storage Shed For Less

How To Build And Organize A Storage Shed For Less

We were able to make a backyard storage shed almost for free and save $5500 on the cost of buying one from a home store!

We bought a new home a few years ago and needed to build an outdoor storage shed in our backyard to store lawn and garden tools, garden supplies, a lawn mower, wood and other things, but we didn’t have the money to pay the $5000-$6000 it cost to buy one of the size we wanted from a home improvement store.

In this video, we share how we were able to get most of the supplies for free and the others for a significant discount. We also take you on a tour of our shed to show you how we organized it so that it works most efficiently for us. You may not be able to do everything we did exactly how we did it and you may want your shed to be organized differently, but these ideas and tips about how to build and organize a storage shed for less will definitely help you save money on a shed and organize it the way you’ll like it!

In this video, we discuss:

0:27 We looked at several of our local home improvement stores and the storage sheds we looked at cost $4500-$6500, and that didn’t include the concrete foundation or the assembly.

1:06 We built this outdoor shed ourselves and it ended up costing about $250.

1:33 How we got the concrete foundation for free. (In the past, for other things when we couldn’t get it for free, we collected the open bags of concrete from the home improvement stores, which are usually sold at a huge discount and are rarely missing much concrete mix.)

5:06 – About the framing – Where we got the wood and more.

7:10 Figuring out how to build a shed – Some of the things we did to learn how to build the shed

8:20 We watched YouTube videos

8:45 – Finding plans online, making our own plans and asking people at home improvement stores

9:25 – We also called a family member who was a framer for advice.

10:22 Tawra talks about the doors, hardware and trim.

11:32 What we did about siding

12:46 The roofing

13:40 The doors, including how we built them and how we made cute custom garden looking handles for cheap!

14:23 Tawra talking about decorations, because the shed just had to be cute!

15:04 Rock for the entryway, paths and edging

15:52 A look inside the shed, including details about the organizing, build-in shelves, hooks and other things to make the backyard shed efficient and convenient for us.

22:16 When we built the shed, we put the doors on the wide side so it would be easy to get to everything.

23:20 The compost pile and clothesline, and how we got most of it for free.

27:05 Potting bench and how I organize my garden planting

28:37 Reducing and preventing wasps

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